Many consider this album to be Pilot's best work ever. Unfortunately, many fans probably never even got to hear it since it was on its way to being grounded before take-off. After Stuart Tosh's departure, David and Ian stayed away from the limelight but still had the chance to grow closer together as a songwriting team. When they weren't off racing their customized trial bikes on the rigorous hilly courses on the outskirts of Edinburgh, they were in Abby Road Studios working on either "Two's a Crowd" or Alan Parson's latest project, I Robot. David, Ian, and Alan would work on Pilot songs one day and then "I Robot" songs the next. They even found time to provide some guest Scottish vocals for some guy in the studio next door. His name was Paul and the single, "Mull Of Kintyre", went on to be the all time best selling single in the UK.

David and Ian had signed with Arista Records and looked forward to the new label showcasing their latest songwriting efforts. The album was released along with the first single, "Get up and Go", in July of 1977. The single got you hooked immediately with a riveting Bairnson guitar solo and a catchy Paton chorus. Unfortunately, it looks like David and Ian had been hooked also. The advance money for the album disappeared in a bungled attempt at "empire building" by their management. The album was never released in the US but nevertheless it is a fine piece of work and is recommended should you be able to find a copy.

Get Up and Go
Monday Tuesday
Library Door
Ten Feet Tall
Creeping Round at Midnight
Evil Eye
One Good Reason Why
Mr. Do Or Die
There's a Place
Big Screen Kill
The Other Side