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"Hello! I'm here with a question that I've inside of me from a lot of time.
Surely all the Pilot fans have wondered about what's the strange sound in
the second half of the track "You're Devotion". Well, some years ago I
reversed the audio track using my computer and oh, it's magic! The
mysterious sound/voice is simply David singing "Oh, oh, oh, It's magic.".
Now I'm asking you: why you put it there? Just a joke or there's something
more? Who had the idea, maybe Alan?"


David responds: "I still have the Craighall demo of 'You're Devotion', it doesn't really
resolve itself and just like the Abbey Road version it fades out with just
the drums. We always meant to have something else there and after the
success of 'Magic' the idea just came up in the studio for all of us to
sing the chorus of 'Magic' on the fade. I think you might even hear an Och
aye! in there as well. (Och aye is just a very Scottish thing to say and
really only means Oh yes). Check the clips out forward and backwards below."

Your Devotion Fade played forwards
Your Devotion Fade played backwards